[Discussion] Pool Retirement, Retired dApp Creation, UI Improvements

Pool Retirement, Retired dApp Creation, UI Improvements


Create a new app for all retired Vesper pools (retired.vesper.finance). Retire all pools in the Vesper earn program. Move all ‘retiring’ pools previously voted to retire in VIP-24 to the new retired application, along with pools/programs voted to retire in this VIP. Add ‘retiring’ label to vVSP Governance Pool, which will then be moved to the Retired App once emissions fully migrate to Locked VSP

Remove the ‘aggressive’ tags from all currently listed aggressive pools. Remove the ‘All Pools’ tab. Rename ‘Aggressive tab to ‘Grow Pools’.


Several Vesper pools have experienced extended periods of low demand. This may be attributed to low yield opportunities and/or a lack of interest surrounding the deposit asset.

Vesper utilizes revenue from yield earned as gas for all pool operations. Pools that do not achieve sufficient deposits cost more in gas to operate than they contribute in revenue. This diminishes the overall revenue model, decreasing the amount of VSP bought back for depositors.

By retiring these pools, the protocol can realize better revenue without detracting from the general user experience, while simultaneously improving the UI/UX for Vesper users.


Migrate the following pools into a retirement application (retired.vesper.finance). As retired pools, users can still withdraw funds from the app, but they will no longer be earning any yield. Additionally, new deposits will not be permitted.

The following pools are to be retired:


  • ETH > DAI
  • DAI > wBTC
  • DAI > ETH
  • DAI > LINK
  • DAI > VSP
  • WBTC > DAI


  • vVSP Pool to receive ‘Retiring’ tag. Upon completion of the transition from vVSP to Locked VSP emissions, vVSP will be moved to the Retired Application.

All currently listed ‘Retiring’ pools to be moved to the new Retired dApp.


Migrate the above pools into a retirement status within 10 days after approval, which requires the following changes:

Smart Contract

  • Pause deposits
  • Stop strategy rebalancing

Front End

  • Display “Retiring” status
  • Remove “Deposit” button
  • Create new retired.vesper.finance dApp
  • Move all retiring/retired pools to the new Vesper retirement dApp
  • Remove the Aggressive label from all pools.
  • Remove the ‘All Pools’ tab on the main Vesper app
  • ‘Aggressive’ tab to be renamed ‘Vesper Grow’