[Discussion] Retire Conservative vUNI & vLINK Pools


Sunset the vUNI and vLINK pools, and remove them from the primary Vesper dApp. Add both pools to the Vesper Retired dApp.


The strategies that are deployed for the vUNI and vLINK pools are no longer usable, due to Compound v2 having been sunset. While these strategies could be upgraded, the TVL in the pools doesn’t justify the engineering resources required, nor the future rebalancing gas costs.

By retiring these pools, the protocol can realize better revenue without detracting from the general user experience, while simultaneously improving the UI/UX for Vesper users.


Migrate the following pools into a retirement application (retired.vesper.finance). As retired pools, users can still withdraw funds from the app, but they will no longer be earning any yield. Additionally, new deposits will not be permitted.

The following pools are to be retired:




Migrate the above pools into a retirement status within 10 days after approval, which requires the following changes:

Smart Contract

  • Pause deposits
  • Stop strategy rebalancing

Front End

  • Display “Retiring” status
  • Remove “Deposit” button
  • Remove pools from the main Vesper dApp, and add to the retiring app.