[Discussion] Surplus VSP Budget for Avalanche Launch

VIP-21: Surplus VSP Budget for Avalanche Launch


Approve +50,000 VSP over two months following the Avalanche production launch to attract initial depositors and grow the community on the Avalanche ecosystem.


Vesper has maintained a process of incentivizing depositors with VSP tokens since the production launch of the platform. As a result, key unifying lessons were realized and brought to attention by the community. With this in mind, the proposal is to launch a 60 day token addition to the existing framework in order to help secure additional growth, drive protocol metrics, and revenue. This proposal is driven by a commitment to making thoughtful decisions that benefit the community and the platform’s longevity.

In order to maximize impact of our Avalanche launch, this proposal outlines an additional 50,000 VSP allocation over two months following the launch:

  • 35,000 for the first month

  • 15,000 for the second month

The purpose of these rewards are to aid in a strong initial start on Avalanche. There is a flourishing DeFi ecosystem on AVAX without a strong yield aggregator like Vesper. These additional VSP are intended to grow the Vesper community on Avalanche.


In addition to the standard 27,500 monthly framework, there will be a surplus of up-to 35,000 VSP and 15,000 VSP for the first and second months after Avalanche launch, respectively.


I support it. Let’s have a strong launch.

50k addtl VSP over 2 months is also not that much compared to the emissions from 2021.


In full agreement. Theres a large upside to incentivising the pools with surplus rewards for a launch like this.