[Discussion] Recovery For VSP on Avalanche


13,600 VSP tokens are forever lost on Avalanche due to Multi Chain no longer being operable. VSP holders on Avalanche to automatically receive an equal amount of VSP tokens from the Vesper DAO Treasury.


Prior to multi chain ceasing operations, Vesper community members bridged ~13,600 VSP to Avalanche. These tokens are now effectively lost, irrecoverable, and burned. This VIP proposes that any user holding more than 100 VSP on Avalanche is reimbursed from the Vesper DAO Treasury on a 1:1 basis.


Use 13,600 VSP from Vesper DAO Treasury to refund users


Create a list of wallet addresses and balances >100 VSP owed a refund.

Create a bulk send transaction to refund users of their lost VSP.

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