Should we adopt a protocol-owned-liquity model (like OlympusDao?)

Jeff stated:

"Something more controversial is Bonding. Example:

  • Vesper DAO receives 1000 DAI into treasury.
  • Vesper DAO dispenses L-VVSP, locked for a certain number of days, at a discount to current VSP token price. For example, credited with $1,020 of VSP (locked, and compounding in VVSP pool) in 14 days, in exchange for 1000 DAI into treasury for Protocol Owned Liquidity."

What do you all think?


Question, so the individual that would deposit the 1000 DAI, they’d receive 1020 worth in vvsp that they wouldn’t be able to withdraw until 14 days, so in this time period the vvsp earns interest, and at the end of the 14 days, they get back their 1000 in Dai, plus the interest earned, the L-vvsp is then returned or burned?

Couldn’t we also do this for like year/ multi year long stretches?

Oh and this 1000 Dai that’s locked for the time period, what would we use it for? Liquidity is what I’m assuming, but what are the downsides?

What is the amount of time and effort to implement it?