[Discussion] Add BASE Chain to Vesper


Add BASE Chain to Vesper along with four initial BASE pools.

Pools: vaUSDC, vaETH, cbETH, wstETH


This proposal seeks to expand the Vesper ecosystem, userbase, and TVL by launching on popular chains that have achieved high levels of adoption, and also have healthy established defi ecosystems.

This proposal greenlights adding BASE chain to Vesper, along with four initial pools.


Launch BASE as a new chain on Vesper Finance

Launch four BASE pools: vaUSDC, vaETH, cbETH, wstETH


SC team

  • Deploy vaUSDC (native - USDCbC) pool

    • Extra Fi Pool #1 deposit
    • Extra Fi Pool #2 deposit
    • Compound USDCbC deposit
    • Aave v3 deposit
    • Sonne deposit
  • Deploy vaETH pool

    • Stargate Deposit
    • Extra Fi Pool #1 deposit
    • Sonne deposit - borrow USDCbC
  • Deploy cbETH pool

    • Sonne deposit - borrow USDCbC
    • Compound Fi deposit - borrow ETH
    • Sonne leverage
  • Deploy wstETH pool

    • Sonne deposit - borrow USDCbC
    • Sonne leverage

JS team

  • Deploy Vesper UI for Base with above pools
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