[Discussion] Sonne Exploit Remediation


Use $156,833 from the Vesper Finance Treasury to pay down debt on certain Vesper Optimism pools affected by the Sonne Finance exploit. Bring all Vesper Optimism pools back into a healthy state so that all users have access to their funds.


Following the exploit of Sonne Finance, certain Vesper pools on Optimism carry large amounts of debt making them inoperable. This proposal outlines plans on the Vesper side to bring these pools back into full operation, so that users with deposits in these pools can quickly access their funds.

Metronome, which routes large amounts of TVL through the affected Vesper pools (and is also thus affected by the Sonne exploit) will have a separate governance proposal outlining Metronome’s treasury assistance to Vesper to bring all pools and products back into operation.

Should Vesper recover funds from the exploiter of Sonne, or through other remediation means, Metronome treasury will be paid back the funds they are contributing.


Between contributions from the Vesper Finance treasury, and the Metronome treasury, all Vesper Optimism pools will be brought back to a state of health where normal operations can resume, and all Vesper users will be able to access their deposits.


Pull $156,833 in total from four separate Vesper multi signature wallets (ETH, SAFE, USDC, OP) and use funds to repay debt on affected Vesper Optimism pools.