[Proposal] Token Whitelisting Frenzy


From the VIP Summary submitted by Vesper Brewing Co.:

Vesper is uniquely positioned to service a huge and growing demand for risk-on DeFi degens to maximize the efficiency of their capital. Market participants have shown a willingness to pay huge premiums for the privilege of collateralizing aggressive assets to take out loans as well as deploying those assets to generate additional yield beyond whatever metrics the underlying token possesses.

With a more proactive approach to supporting new and high revenue tokens, Vesper can benefit from higher TVL, stronger revenue, and better exposure to the DeFi communities who need products like Vesper.

Relevant Documents

Formal VIP on GitHub


I support this motion.

This token list is solid. Many of these tokens have existed or been around for many years.

I support this motion. I’d also like to see the other Index Coop tokens here too. MVI in particular.

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Seconding @HarryTuttle 's request for MVI!

I see index tokens as a strategic fit for the Vesper platform, “The 401k of DeFi.” How much easier can it get then buy some DPI and MVI; stake in Vesper pools; rest assured that as years go by, your mid/small caps are rebalanced for you and you’re investing in new innovators without lifting a thumb. We should be appealing to users who want exposure to entire sectors of the industry but don’t have the time or crypto savvy to manage a large portfolio themselves.


I support this motion 150%

Several tokens added to whitelist:

Synthetix (sUSD/SNX) Binance (BNB/BUSD) Index Coop (MVI)