[Proposal] Multi-Chain Whitelist


From the VIP Summary submitted by Vesper Brewing Co.:

Whitelist Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, Avalanche chains for pools in the Vesper ecosystem and MATIC, FTM and AVAX as new deposit assets.

Relevant Documents

Formal VIP on GitHub

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I support this motion.

Absolutely, 100% Vesper should be supporting the alternative sidechains out there. Gas fees have gotten crazy expensive and there are real solutions in the works. Avalanche now has $10 Billion in TVL in such a short amount of time. We must act quickly and integrate our platform with these burgeoning communities for mutual benefit.


I would like to see us utilize the easiest to integrate platforms first. Investing much time and effort into lower utilized chains doesn’t seen wise. Let’s partner with a couple larger ones (ava) and see if we can leverage that relationship. Let’s be clear, most current l2s won’t survive long term.

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That’s fair.

To be clear, whitelisting does not require that we support this platform. It just means we can support the platform.

Or to put it another way, we cannot support a platform until whitelisted by governance.


Sounds great, let’s do it!


I would like to recommend to look also at the NEW IOTA (there is a new team and the code is completely new) which is transforming IOTA into a Multi-Asset Ledger
https: //blog. iota. org/iota-tokenization-framework-specifications/

Besides the others, this is a really great opportunity for Vesper, especially because IOTA is fee-less and damn fast and EVM compatible.