[Proposal] Misc. Token Whitelisting

Token Whitelisting


Whitelist additional tokens for support across Vesper products.


Whitelist additional tokens as deposit assets on Vesper pools. This includes existing tokens Vesper has experience with through Orbit or otherwise via partners and friends, plus new tokens that have high potential.

This whitelist also includes a retroactive whitelisting of Avalanche assets, and sets a precedent for whitelisting on other chains into the future.

List of Tokens to Whitelist:

  • stETH
  • LIDO
  • mUSD
  • MTA
  • WOO
  • xWOO
  • PUNK
  • BAYC
  • JOE
  • xJOE
  • sJOE
  • YETI
  • YUSD
  • QI
  • sAVAX
  • MKR

NOTE that whitelisting does not require that a product is built out on top of the whitelisted asset. Many of these integrations are low burden (forking frontend, strategies, pools). Some however require extra care, and those with “elevated” engineering burdens will be scheduled against other Vesper engineering needs.

Elevation from whitelist to integration (particularly on lending markets) also requires safety assessment on vulnerability of token to be leveraged for exploits.


  1. Whitelist the following tokens Vesper-wide:
  2. Vesper to build products and integrate tokens following whitelisting as seen most apt.